Highland ECO trekking in ethiopia


discovering the undiscovered

Here you will find information about an amazing and special eco-trekking in the Lasta Mountains around and above Lalibela.

Amazing and special, for the rare chance to experience the true off the beaten track in Ethiopia. In this unique country in Africa with its very own ancient traditions, lifestyles and habits, we offer you to get in deep touch with the rural life of the Highland farmers on the Abune Yosef plateau. This area is also well known for other special inhabitants: the only grass-eating monkey in the world - the Gelada Baboon - and endemic animals like the Ethiopian Wolf, which will amaze you just as much as the sheer overwhelming mountain scenery up there.

Conveniently to be combined with the magnificent and famous world heritage town of Lalibela and its rock-hewn churches. This is the perfect place to experience Ethiopian culture and people. No need to drive anywhere: trek with us directly from the heart of Lalibela and feel right away inside your personal African adventure.

Our guides know their ways trough the Highlands by heart; it's the place where they grew up. They love to share its wonders with interested people from all over the world. You can choose to stay in the huts of the locals as a part of the family, or in our own lodge in the mountains, and also tents are available.

When you are thinking of planning a trip to Lalibela, and do a trek with us, please read through our website thoroughly. There is a lot of important information to be found. We are most happy to answer any questions you may have; please see our contact page. Also, we can help or advise you with your other travel plans in Ethiopia and Lalibela.

Come and see. We are very much looking forward to having you.

Highland Trekking is a fully licensed and registered Ethiopian Trade company.